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State of New Mexico LAN/WAN Contract

Contract Number: 40-000-13-00020AC
Download LAN/WAN Contract
Download LAN/WAN Contract ESS (large file – download times may be long)

State of New Mexico, IT Professional Services Contract

Contract Number: 40-000-14-00106-AF
Download General Services Contract

State of New Mexico VoIP Contract

Contract Number: 40-361-13-01744

Bernalillo County Contract

Contract Number: CCN 2012-0145, 2014-0002, 2015-0275
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Bernalillo County Services Contract: RFP 05-16-NL

University of New Mexico Hospitals (UNMH) Contract

Contract Number: 0069-14
Download UNMH Contract

State of Colorado Office of Information Technology (OIT) Cisco Procurement Contract: Contract #94904

ESC Region 19 Procurement & Services Contract (El Paso, TX): RFP 15-7190

Download Co-operative Educational Services (CES): CES 2015-22 and CES 2017-003 (large file – download times may be long)