Upgrade your network and increase your uptime with modern cabling

Innovative technology begins with a reliable, modern infrastructure. Even in a ‘wireless world,’ the right cabling provides the backbone for secure, scalable connectivity, including increased uptime and higher return on your IT investment. ANM’s experienced, full-time cabling team is certified in the latest cabling products and design methodologies, delivering flexible, end-to-end solutions, fast.

We can help you with:

Low-voltage cabling

We design and install low-voltage cabling systems for all business networking and communication needs including AV communications, AV-IT integrations, broadcasting, CCTV, voice and data, security and more.

Data center and network cabling

Based on your current and future bandwidth needs, we determine the right mix of copper/fiber cabling (including single-mode fiber or multimode fiber cable). We then organize, label and test to ensure increased efficiencies and reduced ongoing operational costs.

Infrastructure-based solutions

Our expert design teams have longevity in mind, creating scalable solutions for various infrastructure types including CAT5e, CAT6, CAT6a, CAT7, fiber optic and wireless networks.

Outside cabling services

We provide outside cabling services including design and installation of overhead and underground cable networks, CATV and video systems. When applicable, we can place poles and erect transmitters and receivers.

Cable system management

In addition to design and installation support, we provide thorough documentation and computer-aided design to save you space, minimize your downtime and prepare you for future expansion.

What sets us apart
  • End-to-end cabling solutions performed by experienced, certified, full-time staff members
  • Extensive certifications including:
    • Registered Communications Distribution Designers (RCDD)
    • BICSI
    • Corning
    • Siemon Cabling
  • Organized, clean cabling design
  • Quick installation
  • In-house project management office
  • Thorough, detailed wire-pull sheets, cable-certification reports and as-built drawings
  • Cabling integration services for wireless,
    network and physical security upgrades
What you can expect
  • Increased productivity and bandwidth with upgraded cabling technology
  • Minimized disruption with faster installation
  • Less downtime with well-organized, simplified cabling infrastructure
  • Scalability and adaptability to support future applications such as video conferencing, streaming and multimedia
  • Dedicated, local project team
  • Education and training to support the new infrastructure

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Modernize your infrastructure with advanced cabling solutions

Modern technologies rely on modern infrastructures. The Internet of Things, mobility and bandwidth demands call for the right cabling to support growth and flexibility – especially in a wireless world. ANM’s dedicated, full-time cabling team is certified in the latest products, services and design methodologies to deliver flexible, end-to-end solutions, fast. We support IT departments, as well as facilities teams, construction companies, general contractors, electricians and more.

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Our Cabling Partners

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