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A unified communications system from ANM is an
investment with high-yield returns.

The story of ANM’s success is one of utilizing the power of technology – and of people. The goal of this dynamic partnership is collaboration.

Effective collaboration depends on the ability to connect people who can then work toward innovations that impact lives and change industries. Today’s innovators become tomorrow’s leaders. That’s why the ANM team is committed to knowing more about how to bring people – in all places and on any device – together. ANM solutions offer seamless collaboration so you focus on doing what you do best–even faster, smarter, and more creatively than ever.

When you let ANM go to work to improve your connections, you can count on solutions that:

Businesses and organizations of all sizes can benefit from the integrated solutions offered by ANM. Our team of experts will work with you to identify and implement the best ways to keep you collaborating.


ANM’s Collaboration Solutions:


Unified Communications

Unified communications is an increasingly important investment for businesses looking to improve productivity and responsiveness while reducing security risks and IT costs. With an ANM solution, collaboration is a click away, whether on consumer devices or browser-based softphones. Find out how we can improve your connections, whether on premise, on cloud or hybrid.


Advanced Conferencing & Video Collaboration

The workplace is changing as a result of globalization and telework. To keep up, businesses need solid collaboration tools, including audio, video and web conferencing. At ANM, we know how to ensure your teams stay connected. Ask how we can design your custom solution.


Contact Center

A well-executed call center is key to increased responsiveness and higher customer satisfaction. ANM offers solutions to improve your customer interactions through advanced contact center technology. A fully integrated contact center offers a seamless central point of contact, whether an interaction takes place through phone, email, social media, website or chat.


Physical Security

Smart businesses understand the importance of safeguarding their property and equipment. At ANM, we are committed to protecting your business through a comprehensive range of security solutions, including video surveillance, access control, and incident response.


Access Control

An ANM access control solution is a smart addition to any business. It puts you in control of managing a schedule of persons allowed on the premise as well as locking and unlocking building entrances. In addition, our solution offers integrations to increase situational awareness by automatically tagging video when an access card is used at entry.


Incident Response

Providing a safe and secure work environment should be a priority in every strategic business plan. ANM offers solutions that ensure your workplace is equipped for rapid response to incidents, emergencies, facility events, as well as for collaboration with first responders.

Our video surveillance and access control solution is fully integrated into the Cisco Unified Communications Solution.