The Intersection of Excellence, Innovation, and Solutions.


Solutions: An Overview

The best partnerships are built with the end goal in mind. ANM is uniquely structured to identify IT needs, to develop custom solutions, and to support you at every step into a stronger future.


Building Your Infrastructure
With an ANM team on the job, you can be assured that the IT infrastructure that is critical to success now and in the future operates at peak performance. ANM Practice Areas lay a strong, reliable IT foundation, offering expertise in Enterprise Networking, Data Center, and Collaboration. ANM’s Cloud Solutions help you rapidly expand and enhance your IT capabilities.

Building Trust
Our customers come to understand the value of ANM’s 24/7 Managed Services that identify and address potential challenges on the front end. The result is that our customers enjoy all the benefits of in-house IT but at a significant decrease in cost and increase in responsiveness across our full range of services.

In 2015, nearly 15,000 service tickets and projects were promptly and successfully managed by ANM. In fact, ANM achieved 67% First Call Resolution in the Customer Support Center (CSC). Those are just a few of the reasons why customers gave us an impressive 95% Customer Service Rating.

Building a Successful Partnership
Every day ANM’s elite engineers work together with the industry’s technology leaders to develop custom IT solutions. Let us introduce you to our partners and the innovative products that have helped ANM grow every year since we began, and now help our hundreds of customers overcome their IT challenges to ensure constant and continued growth.