Cyber-Resilient Architecture Workshop

Now is the time to prepare to prevent, withstand and recover from cybersecurity incidents.

About the Workshop

Constant threats of destructive malware, ransomware, malicious insider activity, system failure and even honest mistakes create the imperative for organizations to quickly recover from an event that alters or destroys data. Your organization must be confident that they can recover data within identified SLAs while maintaining data integrity and making sure that recovered data is accurate, complete, and free of malware.

Are you ready to explore cyber resiliency in your environment? Then this workshop is for you. In this half-day workshop, we delve into cyber resiliency and data protection from a security-centric perspective, aiding your organization in discovering potential risks and solutions to safeguard data restoration capabilities. The sessions encompass discussions on your storage infrastructure, data protection platform, disaster recovery, and the security measures surrounding these systems.

Agenda for this 4-hour workshop:

 Cyber Resilience Overview & Fundamentals

  • Concepts of cyber resilience
  • How DR has evolved
  • Impacts of disruption
  • How the industry views BC, DR, and cyber resilience

 Data Integrity & Protection Concepts

  • Building a strong and secure data protection foundation
  • Meeting regulatory and/or insurance requirements

 Discussion About Your Environment(s)

  • IT DR and cyber-resilience capability and maturity
  • Strategy and current plans
  • Technology investments and current capabilities
  • IT DR exercises/training and maintenance


  • Solutions mapped to use cases and outcomes
  • Prescriptive recommendations for high-value impact

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