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Customize your cloud migration

Your journey to the cloud is unique, balancing existing infrastructure needs with future technology requirements. At ANM, we create your custom path to the cloud. We solve your storage, compliance, infrastructure and disaster-recovery challenges in innovative ways using advanced technologies.

We start with comprehensive assessments and provide ongoing consulting to customize your hybrid or full-cloud migration plan. Using converged infrastructure and virtualization, we optimize your data center strategy to meet current and future business needs.

We can help you with:


We migrate existing on-premise networking equipment – including multi-platform networking. This includes secure connectivity using VPN over the internet, high-speed dedicated links and software-defined wide area networking (SD-WAN).

Hyperconverged expertise

We work with leading solutions like Cisco Hyperflex to combine storage, computing and networking into a single system. This reduces data center complexity and increases your scalability.

VMware Cloud on AWS

As a VMware Premier Solution Provider partner, we offer complete services including:

  • Data center evacuation
  • Large virtual desktop (VDI) deployments
  • Disaster recovery
  • Test dev for legacy applications
  • VMware Cloud™ on AWS Competency

Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure

We bring expertise in Cisco ACI to facilitate your data center refresh or new build. This solution works with multi-pod, multi-site and remote leaf data center strategies, maintaining a consistent policy model, while gaining the flexibility to move applications seamlessly to any location/cloud while maintaining security and high availability.

AWS consulting

As an AWS Advanced Tier Partner, we review, support and advise on Amazon Web Services (AWS), including:

  • AWS assessments. This includes architecture, security and design recommendations, network design and automation reviews. We also find ways to minimize costs, including EC2 sizing, network pricing and s3 tiering.
  • DevOps. We help automate manual processes and infrastructure. We also simplify provisioning, deployment, software releases and performance monitoring.
  • Cloud migrations. We audit your existing infrastructure to understand your current stack, then design the best strategy for your cloud migration.

Additional data center solutions

Our additional data center solutions ensure business continuity, including secure, cost-effective backup as well as an extension of existing virtual environments.

  • Business Continuity – We help prepare your business for disaster recovery including system maintenance and ways to circumvent interruptions and loss.
  • Cloud backup-as-a-service – We help backup critical applications using a virtual or physical host. Usage-based pricing makes this a cost-effective option.
  • Cloud infrastructure-as-a-service – Our hybrid cloud strategies may extend these environments to access additional CPU, memory and storage capacity as needed.

Additional solutions

ANM also specializes in cloud security appliances, collaboration tools and audio-visual solutions.

What sets us apart
  • Understanding of your legacy systems
  • SD-networking (ACI and NSX expertise) to automate your data center
  • Secure implementation of an on-prem, cloud, hybrid solution that is right for your organization
  • AWS assessments as an Advanced Tier Consulting partner
  • Hyperconverged expertise
What you can expect
  • Pay-as-you-go subscriptions to expand your technology offering and reduce costs
  • Increased productivity and efficiency through secure data storage and sharing
  • Increased protection against infrastructure failure
  • Infinite scale for large data requirements

Optimize AWS with architecture for the hybrid world.

Your journey to the cloud is anything but a straight line. Data privacy regulations and legacy application requirements challenge your AWS adoption strategy. As an AWS Advanced Tier Partner, ANM helps you rapidly adopt and optimize your AWS investment.

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Define your custom path to the cloud

New ways of working require real-time access, process automation and next-level security. ANM understands that your path to the cloud must be unique, balancing existing infrastructure needs with future technology requirements.

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