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We offer a comprehensive suite of IT services, spanning managed services for seamless operations, lifecycle services covering planning to maintenance, and professional services offering expert support for projects and technology optimization.




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Managed Services

Lead with confidence with 24/7 support

The best type of IT problem is one you never hear about. ANM’s Managed Services team uses our custom ANM IT Ops platform to automate our ITIL-based processes and workflows to support you. We’re always on the job, providing SLA driven support, 24/7. We work directly with your team, complementing and enhancing your existing operations, often resolving issues before they happen.

managed services

Professional Services

Protect your investment with expert installation, deployment and support

Maximizing the return on your technology investment takes expert installation, deployment and training. We use a proven project methodology to install, deploy, configure, test and document the products, services and systems we use. We also assist with end-user adoption and managed services to ensure success over the long-term.


Lifecycle and Adoption Program

As businesses adapt to a subscription economy, ANM understands the importance of the lifecycle journey. The ANM Lifecycle Management Program is a systematic approach aimed at effectively managing the entire lifecycle of IT assets within an organization. It involves the planning, acquisition, deployment, operation, optimization, renewal, and retirement of these assets to ensure optimal performance, minimize downtime, accelerate time to value and maximize return on investment.

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