Upgrade your network and increase your uptime with modern cabling

Innovative technology begins with a reliable, modern infrastructure. Even in a ‘wireless world,’ the right cabling provides the backbone for secure, scalable connectivity, including increased uptime and higher return on your IT investment. ANM’s experienced, full-time cabling team is certified in the latest cabling products and design methodologies, delivering flexible, end-to-end solutions, fast.


Let us help you with:

Structured & Outside Plant Cabling

A well-designed cabling system increases performance, scalability and return on your IT investment. Our certified, full-time cabling team designs, installs and maintains your building’s cabling infrastructure, end-to-end.

IP Video Surveillance

A video surveillance system comprises of digital cameras, monitors/display units, and network video recorders. The system allows for continuous or periodic video recording, observing, or monitoring of the property, individuals, and real-time events. Digital cameras can be equipped with artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance the features and functionality of the system.

Alarm Systems

Alarm systems provide organizations with tools to detect and respond to threats across their physical spaces. ANM offers cloud-based software solutions for easy management and monitoring or traditional alarm systems that can be monitored by POTS lines or cellular communicators. We can install the system as a standalone or an integrated system with your video surveillance and access control system.

DAS – Cellular & Public Safety

Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) are networks of antennas or nodes that are connected to a common commercial carrier (AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile) signal source. These connected antennas are distributed throughout your commercial building and improve cellular coverage, increase performance and add capacity within your building or structure.

Access Control

An Access Control System allows you to control individual access to inventory and secure areas based on the criteria you set, protecting your building or business. Access control enables an authority to not only control access to given areas but to record entries and exits to multiple facilities with complex requirements.


GPON is a point-to-multipoint access network that uses optical splitters to distribute signals over single-strand fiber to a dedicated optical unit. GPON uses a two-tier optic network which eliminates access and distribution switches. GPON allows you to consolidate multiple services onto a single fiber network and is ideal for applications that require high bandwidth.

Additional services

Choosing the right technology is just the beginning. Our professional and managed services teams install, deploy, configure, test and support products, services and systems, including end-user adoption to ensure you are getting the most out of your investment.
collaboration systems

What sets us apart

  • End-to-end cabling solutions performed by experienced, certified, full-time staff members
  • Extensive certifications including:
    • (3) Registered Communications Distribution Designers (RCDD) on staff
    • BICSI Installer II Copper, and Fiber, Technicians TE-350
    • Corning – Largest Corning partner in New Mexico
    • Leviton
    • Siemon Cabling
    • Provide continuous training for our staff
  • A proud member of the Northern New Mexico Independent Electrical Contactors (NNMIEC)
  • Full security integration of access control, alarm and video surveillance systems all on one platform
  • Enhancing and re-purposing existing infrastructure, devices and equipment on a modern security platform
  • Project deliverables: Cable wire charts, certification reports, as-built drawings
  • Low voltage system design
  • Account managers assigned to each client
  • Full time ANM project manager assigned to each project

What you can expect

  • Scalable structured cabling system designs to support data, wireless (including WIFI 6) voice, video, streaming, and multi-media applications
  • Dedicated, professional local project team and project manager to ensure that the deployment complies with the local building codes and most current industry standards
  • Modern low voltage solutions to enhance user experience, create efficiencies and increase profitability
  • Minimized disruption with efficient deployments
  • Factory trained and certified technicians and project managers

Our Cabling Partners

Berk-Tek Leviton

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