Lifecycle and Adoption Program

As businesses adapt to a subscription economy, ANM understands the importance of the lifecycle journey. The ANM Lifecycle Management Program is a systematic approach aimed at effectively managing the entire lifecycle of IT assets within an organization. It involves the planning, acquisition, deployment, operation, optimization, renewal, and retirement of these assets to ensure optimal performance, minimize downtime, accelerate time to value and maximize return on investment.

Program Overview

Solving for business challenges is a perpetual motion that will need to adapt to changing business strategies, align with advanced technologies, and provide cost efficiencies along the way. The ANM Lifecycle Management Program will take you through the journey and address the importance in key areas.

Discovery and Awareness

Define key stakeholders and discuss current business challenges.


Determine proof of value use cases and metrics.


A solution or set of solutions to address business challenges.


Implement solution with ANM professional services.


Solve for specific use cases that were defined during discovery, and enable proof-of-concepts.


Drive feature adoption, training and continual improvement of knowledge for each solution.


Turn on advanced feature sets and provide operational efficiencies.


Manage renewals to ensure alignment with evolving usage requirements.


End of life equipment disposed or recycled in an ecofriendly manner.


This is a circular journey that will continue to deliver value in technology by aligning solutions with business outcomes.

What sets us apart

  • ANM is one of the top end-to-end architecture providers in the country with a long history of expertise across networking, security, data center and cloud. Our team takes an engineering-led approach to problem solving, highlighted by our 6:1 engineering to sales ratio.
  • Unlike many other solution providers, our goal is to proactively identify areas of opportunity in your environment via assessments, workshops and lifecycle management, as opposed to starting with a product searching for a problem.

Follow-on Services

ANM has several in-depth follow-on advisory services that address a broad range of challenges across the entire network, data center, cloud, and security technology ecosystems. Whether you are planning a Software Defined Networking (SDN) implementation, network refresh, security segmentation strategy, or data center consolidation or move, ANM can help guide you through the complexities of planning and rollout.

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