Event: Practical Strategies for Tackling Data Security Head-On

Event: Practical Strategies for Tackling Data Security Head-On

Data security is more critical than ever. Join us for an insightful webinar where we will explore practical strategies to tackle data security challenges head-on. This session will address the most pressing questions and concerns we hear from our customers and provide actionable solutions to safeguard your data in the age of artificial intelligence.


AI and Data Security:

With the increased focus on artificial intelligence across all platforms, what steps are you taking to ensure your data is secure before enabling AI?
Are you aware of how AI utilizes user permissions to index and search data within these platforms?

Data Growth and Risk Management:

With data expanding at an ever-increasing rate, how are customers and prospects defining and identifying the blast radius?
How do you keep up with the remediation aspect of exposure to reduce the risk to thousands, if not millions, of overexposed files and records?

Data Labeling and Classification:

What are you utilizing for labeling today, and what challenges are you facing?
How are you classifying your sensitive data across platforms? Are you using Purview or other tools, and what challenges do you encounter?

Incident Response and Root Cause Analysis:

Many point tools identify that something happened, but fail to get into the who, what, and where of the incident. How are you conducting root cause analysis today?

Third-Party Application Management:

With third-party applications becoming more prevalent with access to SaaS and cloud tenants, how are you keeping track of active and stale applications?
Do you have the ability to identify high-risk applications that have excessive access and authority over your data?

Security and Compliance Continuity:

How are you maintaining security and compliance continuity across all your cloud platforms like S3, Blob, Snowflake, etc.?
Native tools often lack the necessary features and can be costly. How are you addressing these challenges?

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